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Miniature Love

I’m not sure how old I was when my mom brought home her first dolls house, but I was smitten.  She would let me play with the tiny furniture if I was very careful…usually under her supervision.  This is what created my infinite love of all things mini (well, as long as they’re fun and cute, that is).
Remember this show?







Oh, I loved this show, even at the age of 15.  I can remember going to bed at night thinking I could hear the tiny family scamper about in my walls.  The Littles were quite the adventurers and very resourceful I might add.  I’m sure part of the reason I liked this show was that it provided a fantasy world…an escape from the turbulent ‘teen’ years; and I’m sure that is still the reason, as an adult, I enjoy the wonderings of fairies and sprites.

When I was thirteen my mom bought me my first and only dolls house and gave me her beautiful collection of supplies and furniture.  I couldn’t wait to go to the miniature store with her and see all the latest houses and spend my saving on something special even if it was just a miniature magazine.  The one thing I was never satisfied with, however, were the dolls!  I still don’t have a family for my house, which I think suits me fine (leaves room for the imagination) :)  My dolls house came assembled but unfinished and through the years I have attempted its completion at least twice, the second time was to fix the electrical — without success.  It’s sitting in my basement…

(Not to worry though, it’s not going to stay there.  My youngest daughter has taken an interest and we have plans to work on it in the summer.)

What is even more exciting to me right now though is the idea of miniature gardens!!  (A place for fairies to dwell?)  We have the perfect spot right out side our window, a beautiful large brick planting box.  And since I can’t seem to grow flowers…

I can’t wait until spring!  Oh the fun we will have.





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Wish I Could

Be a master woodworker.

I would love to build something like this—only using re-purposed items:

My brain is working on how to make this happen for my girls….

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Handmade Holiday

Take me back to the days of Bing Crosby….oh I swoon.


“just like the ones we used to know…”

We’ve never been extravagant christmas doers, matter of fact, we even tried to not do christmas for a few years (but that is a long and boring story).  And last year without much time to make gifts I turned to Etsy for a few lovely items.  I love christmas because I love making things and giving things I’ve made :)  and most of my kids have caught the bug too.  We brainstormed over many great ideas in the world wide web for the best gifts this year for our family and exchange.  I wanted all the kids to make something, but things don’t always go as planned.  My oldest daughter purchased a glass cutter to make some glasses from old bottles, but it turned out to be a disappointment and my son just isn’t crafty (or so he says).  That left myself and the two youngest to be the crafters and here’s what we did:

My youngest made scarfs for the grandparents from T-shirts, scrap leather & a charm….perfectly packaged in glittered takeout boxes and a simple brown box with a special note for great grandma.

Al had a TON of bottle caps saved up and so she made fun magnets for the grandparents, the exchange, and for us (YAY!)….adorable packaged in mint tins that she painted and decorated with word strip magnets.

This is was my favorite set


And finally I made ornaments for all the grandparents but truth be told, Al proved to be an expert at mod podging the paper on, so I let her :D

**Happy Handmade Christmas**


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Holiday Fun

Despite final projects and exams these last two weeks I still managed to have a little fun with the girls and friends.

We also made time to get a real tree!  We haven’t had one for over 12 years.  I love it!  We picked up a Grand Fir and it is perfectly plump and smells amazing!  Joy Joy Joy!

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Thanksgiving Delights

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving with our family.  My parents arrived the day before and Roux’s parents and brother’s family all came the day of.  Of course we feasted and then we just relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company.  It was a good day.

Everyone was staying until Saturday, so black Friday my mom and I headed out nice and early (4:30 a.m. early) for shopping while the others slept in.  After some rest we decided to have a go at making a feather tree!!  I was SO excited!  I had shown the moms and sister-in-law the one I got from my friend and the one from Centsational Girl which they all loved, so it was out to the store one more time for supplies.

Our intentions were to make white trees, but once I spotted the gorgeous turquoise…I almost changed my mind but decided to let my mother-in-law and sister-in-law fight over it :D  Of course there wasn’t any real fighting but ultimately Kate decided she had to have it.  We also made some alterations to the original directions.  Flexible branches with beaded ends.  My dad was a huge help by being the drill master and attaching the core to the base and drilling all the holes for our branches!

We then had to trim our tree, so to speak, adjusting the branches to our likeness using simple wire cutters.  After that I did my best to spray paint them in such a cold temperature.  Not the most perfect job (which is why there is no photo), but the parts that mattered got covered.

Next came dressing the tree!  WOW, did feathers fly!  We chose to cut our boa’s and what brought us to that logic, I can’t remember, but it worked.  Even my brother-in-law and niece got involved.  :)

This of course was the most time consuming part probably because of our choice to cut the boa’s.  My mom and Kate made theirs the full length of the dowel while my mother-in-law and I made ours a bit shorter to set on our buffets.  Each one turned out a little different and GORGEOUS!!  My moms didn’t quite finish theirs due to boa shortage and still have not sent me a finished pic, but Kate and I finished ours and once home she sent me a pic of it decorated (which I need to figure out how to get from my phone to blog).  My mom enjoyed it so much she’s decided to make a couple more!  It was the perfect project for our time together that made us all smile.

Kate’s delightful turquoise tree :D

I love my little white feather tree. <3

But that wasn’t the end of delight for me…the day after everyone left I painted my wall (a birthday gift) that will one day have beautiful stenciled trees on it (another fabulous find from Centsational Girl), but in the mean time, here’s another peak at my finished buffet.  I was so happy to have it finished for Thanksgiving and received great compliments on it.  YAY!!  My room is slowly coming together…

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Thanksgiving is just a week away!  I have to get busy around here and finish my buffet and get the house organized and clean for all 14 of us to feast.

Over the summer my in-laws stayed with us for a week.  They really liked what I had done to my hutch and table and told me they were looking for a new dinning room set because they didn’t want their full hutch anymore, just a buffet.  After seeing what I did they decided they could maybe do something with what they had and after I helped them find a new dinning table they decided to do just that.  My father-in-law removed the top of their hutch and proceeded to paint and stain the bottom to match their new table.  It turned out perfect, I think.

I decided to try the same technique for my dresser turned buffet but with a more worn look, not as clean and neat as my in-laws buffet.  The process is really simple, prep, paint, go over with gel stain and seal.  I painted my hutch over the summer a GORGEOUS Benjamin Moore, tranquil blue.  And I’m sure I’m doing this backwards, but I decided to paint my furniture before my walls, so I could decide what colors to use.  The pick for the wall that the buffet sets against will eventually be BenM’s, bird’s egg and the rest of the walls will be either white sand or what I painted the base of my buffet with, ballet white–perfect soft creamy white.  My accent colors will be the starchy white trim and brown.  My father-in-law passed on what was left of the stain gel he used and I was SO nervous to proceed after painting.  I’ve never done this before and was very worried I would ruin it and have to start all over!  But I took the plunge last night and LOVE it!  I can’t wait to get the rest of the room together (a very slow process indeed).  So here’s a little preview of the buffet (and please excuse my horrible pics, the lighting is off esp. in the before image!):


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